Saturday, September 21, 2019

Way Late Arrival

No real update today. The Empire Builder I am traveling on is still running about 7 hours late and will not arrive Chicago until after 11 pm. We are now traveling along side the Mississippi River near Red Wing MN. Here are couple IPhone photos. 

I will do an update tomorrow covering my ride on the Empire Builder. 


Friday, September 20, 2019

On Board Empire Builder Six Hours late.

Just a short update to let you know I am on board the Empire Builder. Boarded at 4:18 PM. 

Here are a few IPhone photos I took today before boarding the train. 

If we get to Chicago before too late, I will do an update Saturday night

My one photo from the train for today. Notice how flat Eastern Montana is. 

Now it is bedtime on the Empire Builder. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Glacier National Park September 2019 - Last Day at Glacier Park Lodge

View toward Glacier National Park from Glacier Park Lodge

Last Day at Glacier Park Lodge

After sleeping in a little this morning, I decided to take it easy at the Lodge today. A little computer time, E-reading in a couple places in the lodge including in front of a large fireplace, napping, and eating lunch in lounge and dinner in the Great Northern Dining Room filled my day. A nice and happy surprise was being invited by a group of ladies from Blue Ridge, Georgia, to eat with them at dinner. They made my day! See the photo below.

Part of the day was checking on Amtrak's Empire Builder which lost 9 hours traveling from Chicago through Glacier Park Station to Seattle where it finally arrived 5:39 PM this afternoon. Scheduled arrival time was 10:25 AM so just over 7 hours late.  That train turns and becomes my train to Chicago tomorrow. It was scheduled to depart Seattle this afternoon at 4:40 PM. Estimated but not confirmed departure time is between 9 PM to 10 PM tonight or 4 to 5 hours late. The train has to be cleaned, serviced, and dining car restocked for the trip back to Chicago.  No estimate when train will pass through Glacier Park Station tomorrow. The Scheduled Time was 9:45 AM so should be 4 to 6 hours later. Until the train departs Seattle no rescheduled times are available. No problem for me if it runs late, but not knowing the time is unsettling for me.

Here are photos taken today including the wonderful friendly group of ladies who invited me to eat with them, the view of the lobby as I exit my room, an Indian photo in my room and me relaxing and reading at the hotel, and the large fireplace. Don't forget you can click on the photos to see full size photo.

All My Lady Friends from Blue Ridge, GA, at Dinner

I will do an Iphone blog update tomorrow simply to update you on how late my train arrives here to pick me up and to let you know I am back on the Empire Builder heading to Chicago arriving sometime Saturday night.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Glacier National Park September 2019 - A Day Inside Glacier National Park

Wild Goose Island in St. Mary's Lake

A Day Inside Glacier National Park 

Did you know that the original owners of the land in Glacier National Park was the Blackfeet Indian Nation? Today I had the honor of seeing Glacier National Park through the eyes of a native full blood Blackfeet Indian young man Virgil. We traveled into the Park on the east entrance near St. Mary's and traveled the "Going to the Sun Road" to Logan's Pass and returned. The road west was closed for construction so we did not get to go into the West Glacier area. But the scenes along the road included St. Mary's Lake, Wild Goose Island, Jackson Glacier, many mountains and streams, and we arrived at the Continental Divide at Logan's Pass. What a good day it was.

At the St Mary's visitor center was a very good exhibit about the Blackfeet Indians original occupancy of Montana and neighboring States before the "immigrant" white man came in and tricked the Blackfeet Indians to sign a treaty deeding Glacier National Park to USA for $1.5 million. The Blackfeet believe that the Park is on Blackfeet territory and along with the American and Canadian Flag is flown the Blackfeet Nation Flag at the Visitor Center. The flag photo below is the Blackfeet flag.

I took over 150 photos that will be in my photo galleries for this trip. I took a while but I selected 19 photos to include in this update. Enjoy, and remember you can click on the photos to see the full size photo. 

Blackfeet Indian Nation Flag

Virgil, my Sun Tours Blackfeet Indian Guide

Believe it or not, Glacier National Park is in "close down" mode for the Winter off season. My Glacier Park Lodge is closing for the year this Monday, September 23. The famous Red Bus tours have already closed down as has Many Glacier Lodge and Sun Tours last tour this year is Friday. For all these reasons, I will be hanging around the Glacier Park Lodge tomorrow. I leave Friday morning on the 9:45 AM Amtrak Empire Builder to Chicago scheduled to arrive 3:55 PM Saturday if on time. 

I still plan to do an update blog tomorrow. You never know what I will do on an unplanned day. As my friend Charlie now living in Costa Rica says "PURA VIDA!"


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Glacier National Park September 2019 - Empire Builder to Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park View from Glacier Park Lodge

Amtrak's Empire Builder to Glacier National Park

I've made it to Glacier Park Lodge in Glacier National Park. Left Seattle Monday afternoon on Amtrak's Empire Builder traveling overnight arriving at Glacier Park Lodge this Tuesday morning. I've checked into the Lodge this afternoon and received a Historal tour of the lodge prior to registering and getting my room. The guy in one of the photos below led the historical tour and in addition he picked those of us arriving on the train, shuttled us to the Lodge and brought my luggage up stairs to my room overlooking the large reception hall with lots of lounging areas. My room also overlooks the park mountains. There are no elevators and the lodge was built in 1913 by the Great Northern Railway. No TV's but we do have WiFi in all the rooms.

Tomorrow is my day to tour the National Park with a tour run by the Blackfeet Indians. The Lodge is actually on Blackfeet property and the Park entrance is three miles north of the Lodge. Temperatures are topping out around 54 degrees Fahrenheit while I am in the area with lows in 40's. It was overcast when I arrived but sun is shining now. 

The photos today are from the Empire Builder and around the Glacier Park Lodge. I will get out into the Park including Going to the Sun road tomorrow.

I plan to walk out to photograph the Amtrak Station and see the Empire Builder from Chicago arrive later. Scheduled to arrive 6:41 PM. 

I am planning to post another update tomorrow night with a few selected photos from my visit inside the park.